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I really want to give her 5 stars but do not want this review filtered out.

Thank you Dr Saffarpour! We do not have insurance and where searching high and low for an affordable AND excellent dentist. We are grateful to have found you through a dental discount plan.

She does excellent work, has a clean office and they do not keep you waiting. My husband is very pleased with this dentist and we are saving a bundle that we do not have!


Santita H, Santa Cruz

***update: I just got some of my silver fillings removed! Dr Saffarpour and her assistant both came in with their smocks, a gas mask, plastic glasses, with a plastic facial mask on top of that. I had oxygen tubes in my nose and there was another machine off to the side of me to suction the invisible vapors of the mercury as my fillings were being removed. They also opened the window to provide more air circulation in the room. It was very different. But if you think about it, if it takes all that to get your silver fillings removed, makes you think about how all the other dentists out there DON’T do any of that stuff at all! Makes you re-think just how safe things are being done. I can tell that Dr Saffarpour also takes her time to do honest work. She doesn’t just look over my teeth quickly and tells me I have cavities just to get paid by the insurance company. She genuinely cares about her patients and the type of service she provides.


Sherry M.

I found Dr Saffarpour because my holistic Dr recommended I go on a website to find a dentist that removes silver fillings properly and safely. She is located in a tall brown buiding that can easily be mistaken for an apartment complex. She is on the second floor and has a small, quaint office. The receptionist is very friendly and helpful. After meeting Dr. Saffarpour she explained to me the dangers of mercury and amalgam fillings and how important it is that they be removed properly and the affects it has on our body. It’s scary to know that there are only 2 dentists in San Jose that practice this. So all the other dentists still continue to expose themselves, their employees and their patients to this dangerous material. Dr Saffarpour will be replacing all of my silver fillings soon. She is very informative, patient, a great listener and is educated in what she does.


Sherry M.

Dr. Saffarpour and her staff are wonderful! They are all very friendly and inviting. Dr. Saffarpour has a calm and gentle personality and this transfers into how she works on your teeth and gums as well. She is knowledgeable, but more importantly knows how to communicate what she knows in a way that I can understand. She is also very attentive to me and straightforward in her answers. She asks questions on my eating and cleaning habits and will make suggestions based on my lifestyle and tools that I already use, not give some generic dental recommendations.

The office is very clean. She has toys and a tv for movies in her waiting room, which is great for when I have to take my kids with me. She also has TVs in the procedure rooms so if you need to be distracted during a procedure they have a selection of shows and movies you can watch. But the most calming thing for me is the light covers that she has. So simple, but the sky blue and clouds on her light covers are very relaxing to me when I’m laying down and looking up at this for the time that I’m in the chair.
Dr. Saffarpour has been my dentist for many years now and will continue to be for a long time!


Esther, T, San Jose