How We’re Providing Dental Care Safely in the Age of COVID-19

To provide you with the dental care you need in the safest environment possible, we continue to follow guidance from the CDC and American Dental Association to protect against COVID transmission.

We have always followed or exceeded the standard universal precautions issued by the CDC and ADA to help protect every one of our patients and team members. After the pandemic developed, we adopted even stricter safety protocols.

  • We schedule appointments further apart, to reduce the number of people in the office at any given time. Masks are required.

  • Before your appointment, we check in with you to see if you remain healthy or have developed symptoms of possible COVID and need to reschedule.

  • When you arrive for your appointment, we ask you to phone us to let us know you’re here. We will invite you into our office when we are ready to begin.

  • Before you enter the office, we give you hand sanitizer and a disposable mask if needed. Once you’re seated, we’ll give you a peroxide rinse or ozonated water so you can rinse your mouth thoroughly.

All staff members are checked regularly for signs of COVID. All wear the necessary PPE while working with you.

While many dental offices these days are set up with open bay operatories, ours are individual rooms, which makes it much easier to contain the aerosols generated through many dental procedures. Each operatory has windows and great air flow.

All operatories are thoroughly disinfected between patients and fogged with HOCl, a natural, nontoxic product. All common areas of the office are cleaned thoroughly and regularly throughout the day.

Our office is equipped with a number of units to consistently keep the air as clean as possible at all times. We use Surgically Clean Air’s UV purification system with Hyper-HEPA filter units. This medical grade system uses multi-stage air purifying technologies to clean, purify and re-energize the indoor air. This is complemented by an IQAir unit.

If you have any questions at all about our safety practices or concerns about the safety of having dental work done in the age of COVID, please don’t hesitate to call us at 408-269-2944.

Meet Mamak Saffarpour, DDS, AIOMT

In 1988, Dr. Mamak Saffarpour was one of just a handful of students accepted to Iran’s top dental school, Shahid Beheshti Dental School at the National University of Tehran.

After completing her education there in 1994, she established a dental clinic in the medical facility of the Kidney Foundation of Iran. There, she tended to the dental needs of medically compromised patients while also working as an associate in a successful private practice.

In 1996, Dr. Saffarpour relocated to the United States. After giving birth to her first son, she enrolled at UCLA to prepare for the National and California State Dental Boards, both of which she soon successfully completed.

Since opening her own office in 2002, Dr. Saffarpour has continued her studies to expand and enrich her practice and knowledge of dentistry, and particularly its relationship to whole body health. Areas in which she has received advanced training or certification include

  • Biomimetic dentistry.
  • Dental ozone therapy (Master Class level).
  • Soft tissue & periodontal laser dentistry.
  • Treating TMD (temporomandibular/TMJ disorders) & orofacial pain.
  • Implant dentistry.
  • Invisalign.
  • Vivos (DNA) appliances for airway remodeling.
  • Pneumopedics (non-surgical upper airway remodeling for pediatric obstructive sleep apnea).
  • Treatment of sleep disordered breathing & craniofacial pain in adults & children.
  • Motor nerve reflex testing.
  • Craniofacial & pediatric epigenetics.

She has also studied advanced cosmetic techniques at the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and held a mini residency in dental sleep medicine at UC San Francisco.

Dr. Saffarpour is an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) and SMART-certified in the safe removal of mercury amalgam “silver” fillings. She is also a proud member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Santa Clara Dental Society, International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists, Holistic Dental Association, Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, and Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Active in charity organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Smile Train, Children Incorporated, and Pachamama Alliance, Dr. Saffarpour enjoys cooking, reading, drawing, and spending time with her family.